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Warriors vs Spurs Ticket Giveaway

We need more visitors to our website. And to try to carry out that goal, we will be giving away two tickets to the Warriors vs Spurs game, next Monday at 7:30 PM.

How to Enter:

All you need to do is to “follow” the blog, which can be done by entering your email address into the text box on the right side of this article. We do not sell your email, nor do we send you spam. 

Another way to get entries is to visit our Facebook page here.

On our official Facebook page, you can gain two more entries into the drawing by sharing the status pertaining to the giveaway.

We would really love for our page to grow, and we think this is a good way to jumpstart our company.

The drawing will be done on this Saturday at 10 PM Pacific, and winners will be alerted through email. You must be following this blog to have a chance to win.

Once again, the ways to win are to visit our Facebook page and share, and to follow our blog.

Questions or comments? Post them below, or send them to


ScoreBig Offers Great Savings On Sharks Playoff Tickets

The Sharks are once again in their annual chase for the Cup. You probably want to get in on the action, but probably don’t want to be dropping hundreds of dollars for a three hour event. Luckily, the website can solve that problem. They offer discounts on tickets from 10-60%, which, even if you can’t do the math, is a lot of money saved.

For example, tickets only a few rows behind rink-side will cost you anywhere from 290-500 dollars, if you buy them on the Sharks website or Stubhub. If you visit Scorebig, you can find those same tickets for as little as 180.

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Annual Sharks Beard-A-Thon Gives Back to the Community and the Fans

The annual Sharks Beard-A-Thon has come once again. If you were not already aware, hockey players do not shave their beards once they are still in playoff tradition. The Sharks have cashed in on this annual beard-growing by attracting fan interest and helping the community at the same time.

This is how it works: You grow a beard and post a picture on the Sharks website. Friends pledge your beard-growing; the money being pledged is sent straight to the Sharks Foundation, which helps in reading, financial, and medical support in your community.

But what if you can’t grow a beard? You can still “grow” one by uploading a picture of yourself and then adding a virtual beard to your face.

Though you probably feel great about helping out your city, one beard a time, you might also be wondering, “what do I get out of something like this?” Well, the Sharks Foundation has agreed to give out prizes to the top three fundraisers. While these prizes have not been specified, keep in mind that during a 2010-2011 Beard-A-Thon, sweepstakes winners won a Sharks autographed jersey plus two tickets to a Sharks home game the next season. Expect the prizes to be more valuable this time, as the winners will not be chosen based on a sweepstakes; they will be chosen on how much they have worked to help their community.

What do you think about this years Beard-a-Thon? Will you take part or will you simply ignore it. By the way, if you are interested in purchasing tickets to a sports event, but don’t want to break the bank, check out Scorebig here.

Keep on winning, and go Sharks!

Meet Buster Posey!

Toyota is giving you a once-in-a-lifetime-experience: The chance to meet Buster Posey in person. Other items being given away: Four Giants tickets, Giants autographed jersey, and an Giants autographed bat.

To win, you must be 18 years or older, and be a legal California resident. To enter, like the Toyota Fan Zone page on Facebook. You will be prompted to enter your contact information. After doing so, you are in the running to win some cool baseball prizes!

(Click the photo for it to enlarge)

Keep on winning!

Sharks Fan Appreciation Night Results in Massive Giveaway

On the last game of the regular season, the Sharks decided to give back to their loyal fans. What resulted was a hardcore giveaway, which included tickets for next year, autographed team signs, and more. Information on how to enter each of these is below. The contests end today at 5 PM Pacific time. Go Sharks!

If you would like a team-signed Sharks Territory poster, simply text the word “TERRITORY” to 74499 to be entered. Andrew Desjardins, who was voted the Sharks Rookie of the Year, will also give you a chance to get in on some prizes. Texting “DESJARDINS” to 74499 will allow you to win a Sharks Territory poster, but not a signed one.

Though these are not playoff tickets, the Sharks are giving you a chance to attend one of their 2012-2013 games. Text “PAVELSKI” to 74499 to be entered.

Logan Couture was voted the Sharks Player of the Year. Texting “COUTURE” to 74499 enters you in the drawing to win a signed Logan Couture hat.

For the last Sharks giveaway, text “MARLEAU” to 74499 to win a Patty signed poster.

Remember, people who enter must be 18 or over, per California rules. By the way, Happy Easter, and keep on winning!

Joe Thornton Signed Memorabilia

The San Jose Sharks are offering you a chance to snag an autographed hat from Joe Thornton. Would be pretty cool to rock it in front of all your friends. Photo below shows all the instructions that you need to enter the contest.

What’s Coming Up:

Would you like to have a pair of tickets to watch the Giants in May? Continue visiting this blog for a chance to win!

By the way, what would you like us to giveaway next?