Warriors vs Spurs Ticket Giveaway

We need more visitors to our website. And to try to carry out that goal, we will be giving away two tickets to the Warriors vs Spurs game, next Monday at 7:30 PM.

How to Enter:

All you need to do is to “follow” the blog, which can be done by entering your email address into the text box on the right side of this article. We do not sell your email, nor do we send you spam. 

Another way to get entries is to visit our Facebook page here.

On our official Facebook page, you can gain two more entries into the drawing by sharing the status pertaining to the giveaway.

We would really love for our page to grow, and we think this is a good way to jumpstart our company.

The drawing will be done on this Saturday at 10 PM Pacific, and winners will be alerted through email. You must be following this blog to have a chance to win.

Once again, the ways to win are to visit our Facebook page and share, and to follow our blog.

Questions or comments? Post them below, or send them to bayarealetswin@gmail.com


About Admin

You're a passionate sports fan. We are too. But we both know that it's hard to get into a piece of your favorite teams sporting action. We give you the gateway to all the giveaways for your favorite sports teams (Niners, Raiders, Sharks, A's, Giants, Dubs), all on this website. Also, we give you the scoop on team promotions, player meet-and-greets, and much more. Do not spend time refreshing your Twitter feed wanting to win sports items; instead, visit this page for everything that you can win, all in one place.

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