ScoreBig Offers Great Savings On Sharks Playoff Tickets

The Sharks are once again in their annual chase for the Cup. You probably want to get in on the action, but probably don’t want to be dropping hundreds of dollars for a three hour event. Luckily, the website can solve that problem. They offer discounts on tickets from 10-60%, which, even if you can’t do the math, is a lot of money saved.

For example, tickets only a few rows behind rink-side will cost you anywhere from 290-500 dollars, if you buy them on the Sharks website or Stubhub. If you visit Scorebig, you can find those same tickets for as little as 180.

This is not a scam. Scorebig does sell legit tickets, as we have tried this service before ourselves. However, keep in mind that tickets on Scorebig are not guaranteed to be sold to you. You have to enter a price for the tickets you choose, and then it will give you a meter that shows how likely you are to land those tickets.

As seen in the photo, spending 180 on a ticket will not fully guarantee your tickets. To have your tickets guaranteed and sent to you immediately, you would have to pay 230, as shown in the picture below.

However, 230 dollars is still a lot of money being saved, keeping in mind that the same tickets on the Sharks official website are selling for around 290.

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Coming Up

We will be giving out Giants tickets to a game to be named later, so stay tuned!


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