Sharks Fan Appreciation Night Results in Massive Giveaway

On the last game of the regular season, the Sharks decided to give back to their loyal fans. What resulted was a hardcore giveaway, which included tickets for next year, autographed team signs, and more. Information on how to enter each of these is below. The contests end today at 5 PM Pacific time. Go Sharks!

If you would like a team-signed Sharks Territory poster, simply text the word “TERRITORY” to 74499 to be entered. Andrew Desjardins, who was voted the Sharks Rookie of the Year, will also give you a chance to get in on some prizes. Texting “DESJARDINS” to 74499 will allow you to win a Sharks Territory poster, but not a signed one.

Though these are not playoff tickets, the Sharks are giving you a chance to attend one of their 2012-2013 games. Text “PAVELSKI” to 74499 to be entered.

Logan Couture was voted the Sharks Player of the Year. Texting “COUTURE” to 74499 enters you in the drawing to win a signed Logan Couture hat.

For the last Sharks giveaway, text “MARLEAU” to 74499 to win a Patty signed poster.

Remember, people who enter must be 18 or over, per California rules. By the way, Happy Easter, and keep on winning!


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